Paramveer Bhachu

Product Design Engineer


Individually we were tasked with creating a lighting solution either for domestic or commercial purposes. I chose domestic due to the aesthetic and feature possibilities.

The Brunel Student Union was planning to launch a new student lead food enterprise and wanted creative Brunel students to design the logo and the label for their new honey brand.

The Fixperts project is a group task set to help members of the public that have problems completing everyday tasks. 

Once a group is formed, they must find a client and, using existing products and materials, must create a solution.

Salter is part of US-based HoMedics company who are leaders in personal wellness. Kitchen, bathroom and luggage scales make up their leading portfolio. Salter was looking for two new ‘hero’ products that would stand out from the crowd. One would be an electronic kitchen scale and the other an electronic bathroom scale

Our team was given the task of designing a product that could reduce packaging waste. We started by looking into which products generated the most waste and decided that this was packing materials (e.g. bubble wrap and polystyrene). To combat this problem, we looked into products and materials that could be reused for the shipment of any products. Air provides a lot of protection (hence why it is used in so many packing products), so we decided to base our solution around this.




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