7C3 is a content marketing agency based in London with expertise in bringing brands and people together. They're part of Europe's largest content marketing agency network and work across digital, social, video, audio, and print for some of the world's most recognisable brands.






Branding, Logo identity, Web design

The 7C3 logo, in situation on the door of their London office.

Project Overview

Creating what matters.

Lead designer tasked with rebranding and repositioning the content agency, focusing on roll-out through digital media. This required creating a cohesive identity across the website, social media platforms and internal stationery through video, static and print collateral.

Co-designed with Matt Cotterill.


The new logo favours a bolder and more modern approach - consisting of three blocks, each representing a different brand facet: Creative, Code and Content.

The 7C3 logo, on a solid purple background.
A purple 7C3 branded lanyard, with an ID card.

Concepts developed alongside the content-led long idea and manifesto (all about storytelling and creating connections through conversation) with a palette inspired by Plutchik’s colour wheel of emotions.

A collection of concepts exploring potential logos and visual identities for C3 UK and C3 LDN.
A colour proof used to explore evaluate the correct brand colours in a print medium.
7C3 business cards on a table, complete with a spot UV logo.
A Macbook Pro with a 7C3 logo vinyl sticker - standard issue to all employees.
A few pages from the 7C3 brand guidelines, covering the logos, the brand colours and the preferred typeface.

Rollout across digital platforms, comprising a redesigned website showcasing projects, Instagram posts to reflect the company’s culture, and thought-leadership promotion through LinkedIn articles.

A computer screen showing the header from the new 7C3 website.
The 7C3 website, showcasing the agency's case studies.
An iPhone 14 showing the 7C3 instagram page - with branded posts and highlight covers.

Article imagery uses the ‘content block’ elements to build up a particular aesthetic or communicative visual - shifting to make dynamic arrangements and provide depth to 2D assets.

A collection of 7C3 branded LinkedIn banners, used to promote though leadership articles.
7C3 value award certificates, on a table.
7C3 block iconography on small circular, colourful buttons.