Revolution Records

Revolution Records is Walsall's local record store, serving the community for over six years. They aim to create a haven where music enthusiasts can connect - through a commitment to exceptional service, a welcoming atmosphere and a seamless online experience.




Revolution Records


Branding, Logo identity, Merchandising, Web design

A Revolution Records tote bag, containing various vinyl records.

Project Overview

Rebellion meets rhythm.

Sole designer of the record store’s rebrand, focusing on digital market penetration through web-store design, social media marketing, merchandise and in-store artist promotions.


The new visual identity creates a friendly, youthful space for people to celebrate the colourful world of music. The rings take inspiration from revolutions and represent the different available media formats.

The Revolution Records logo, on a solid orange background.
A £25 Revolution Records gift card, on a wooden table.
A few pages from the Revolution Records brand guidelines, covering the logos, the brand colours and the preferred typeface.

The brand marks used on physical collateral effectively show the identity at a glance. They are designed to be bold and fun, increasing the product’s visual satisfaction and brand promotion.

A person wearing a Revolution Records shirt.
A person holding a Revolution Records tote bag.
A person opening a Revolution Records branded packet.
Revolution Records branded packing tape.

Marketing and community outreach through social media, backed by an easy-to-navigate online shopping experience.

An iPhone 14 showing the Revolution Records instagram page - with branded posts and highlight covers.
A laptop screen showing a product page from the new Revolution Records website.
Two Revolution Records posters, in display cases, on a street wall.

‘Record Store Day’ is one of the store’s most significant annual events, with exclusive releases and artist performances to mark the occasion.

Kraftwerk's Autobahn album CD, with a Revolution Records' exclusive RSD release sticker.
A person holding up a fist, with a Revolution Records early entry wristband on.