Above the Fold

Made in Brunel is a student-led programme that facilitates the connection between Brunel design and the greater creative community. Each year aims to learn from the last, bringing something new and exciting to the brand, with 2021 carrying the theme: Above the Fold.




Made in Brunel


Branding, Logo identity, Typography, Print, Merchandising

A close up image of the 'Above the Fold' logo, printed on a white book cover.

Project Overview


Designed the program’s annual identity to promote student work through various media - creating physical and digital collateral for specific events, exhibitions, publications and merchandise.

Co-designed with Yasmine Fell.


‘Above the Fold’ is a classic newspaper term, now widely used in digital media. Brunel designers have a knack for problem-solving and producing consistently headline-standard work.

The 'Above the Fold' logo, on a solid orange background.
The 'Above the Fold' final showcase poster, on a digital billboard in Waterloo.
The Brunel lecture centre, with hanging 'Above the Fold' banners.

The first ever hand-finished edition of the annual book, produced with Pantone inks, embossed brand elements and a folded front cover.

Multiple 'Made in Brunel' annual books, showcasing the 'Above the Fold' branding - in an isometric layout.
Multiple 'Made in Brunel' annual books, showcasing the 'Above the Fold' branding - stacked.
The 'Brand Showcase' page inside the 'Made in Brunel' annual book.
The placement map inside the 'Made in Brunel' annual book.
A student project page inside the 'Made in Brunel' annual book.

The ‘Above the Fold’ merchandise collection takes inspiration from streetwear design to create bold and unique clothing items.

Find out more on Bēhance.

Luca showcasing the 'Fold Modern' shirt.
Chloe showcasing the 'MIB Original' shirt.
Ollie showcasing the front of the 'Singletone' sweatshirt.
Ollie showcasing the back of the 'Singletone' sweatshirt.
Chloe showcasing the 'Classic Embroidered' sweatshirt.
Paramveer showcasing the 'MIB 8888' shirt.
A few 'Made in Brunel' team members showcasing merchandise in front of large, orange 'BRUNEL' letters.

Made in Brunel’s annual event, showcasing students and their work, on London’s Southbank.

The Oxo Tower in an 'Above the Fold' style, for promotional use on social media.
The entrance to the 'Above the Fold' final showcase (complete with vinyl window decals and branded a-frames, located at the Bargehouse.
'Above the Fold' lanyards, created in orange and black to differentiate staff and students.
'Above the Fold' leaflets, with two different fold designs and colours.
The custom packaging experience created for the 'Above the Fold' student trophies.
The custom made 'Above the Fold' student trophies.