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Goldring is the UK's number one brand for hand-made turntable cartridges, who I was able to work with throughout my year-long placement at Armour Home Electronics.

The new 'Goldring Vinyl Accessories' range brings together the brand's original record care products and reimagines them for the modern, high-end vinyl enthusiast. Whilst a part of the project, I was responsible for the overall product and packaging development, rebranding for a new market.

My contribution

Graphic design Packaging design

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Taking inspiration from Goldring’s current line of products was key to maintaining brand consistency. Both Goldring’s budget ‘E-Series’ and high-end ‘Ethos’ cartridges utilise sleek, black packaging to appeal toward a range of consumers, from casual listeners to professional audiophiles. It became my goal to pair this effectively simple style with the new range of vinyl accessories, adding value to align with existing products and providing an aspect of luxury to the consumer experience.

The ‘Stylus Cleaning Kit’ consists of a magnifying lens, a high-performance stylus cleaning brush and a bottle of anti-static cleaning fluid. The ‘Exstatic Record Cleaner’ includes a Goldring high-performance record brush. These products are housed in individual premium presentation boxes, designed to be beautifully displayed and easily stored. All ‘Vinyl Accessories’ packaging is made from folded card, requiring no glue and allowing for ease of recyclability.

To supplement the products, I designed a point-of-sale display in which the presentation boxes will be shipped. The POS display arrives with five product presentation boxes and includes a removable headboard, along with interchangeable language stickers allowing the POS to be used worldwide. Following the same principles as the product packaging, the POS is made from folded cardboard and requires no glue to be assembled.


This project was my first foray into packaging and rebranding for an existing product line. Packaging design has since become a passion of mine, and seeing how it can have a significant effect on the consumer experience (through this project), has been extremely valuable.

The ‘Goldring Vinyl Accessories’ rebrand has been approved, with product and packaging currently in production to be released later this year.

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