Goldring Vinyl Accessories

Goldring is the UK’s number one brand for hand-made turntable cartridges. The new ‘Vinyl Accessories’ range brings together the brand’s original record care products and re-imagines them for the modern, high-end vinyl enthusiast.




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Packaging design

The Goldring Vinyl Accessories product box, in a pink pastel environment surrounded by spherical CMF elements.

Project Overview

Care for your collection and cartridges in a static-free environment.

Lead designer tasked with rebranding and refreshing Goldring's original outdated record care products. Focusing brand consistency by taking inspiration from the current line of products.


Card models were created to explore potential design routes, resulting in a sleek, black design to provide an aspect of luxury to the average consumer.

Card models of initial packaging concepts.
Card models of initial packaging concepts.

The products are housed in individual premium presentation boxes, designed to be beautifully displayed and easily stored. All packaging is made from folded card, requiring no glue and allowing for ease of recyclability.

The Goldring stylus cleaning kit, open box and laid out.
The back of a Goldring stylus cleaning kit box.
A Goldring stylus cleaning kit box, sliding into it's outer sleeve.

The POS display includes a removable headboard and interchangeable language stickers, allowing for use worldwide.

The Goldring exstatic record cleaner POS, as it would be on display in a store environment.
The Goldring exstatic record cleaner POS, open box and laid out.

The packaging for Goldring's line of vinyl accessories is ready for production and set to be rolled out alongside their next brand refresh.

A collection of Goldring Vinyl Accessories boxes and POS displays arranged in a isometric pattern - both open and closed box.