An eco-startup created by two product design graduates on a mission to promote water efficiency and offer products that find new and innovative ways to reuse water.




Lylo Products


Branding, Logo identity, Packaging, Copy writing, Web design

Multiple 'Portable Washing Machines' arranged in an isometric layout.

Project Overview

Clean clothes, clean conscience!

Designer and brand manager of the sustainability-focused brand, with collateral created for product development, including packaging, pitch decks, videos and social media.

Co-founded with Joanna Power.


Inspired by the earth and water that Lylo is preserving, the new visual identity is designed to feel bright, clean and energetic. The vertical logotype was created to be as dynamic as Lylo’s products.

The Lylo Products logo, on a solid blue background.
The shipping box for Lylo's Portable Washing Machine. Complete with labels, and washing icon pattern print.
A few pages from the Lylo Products brand guidelines, covering the logos, the brand colours and the preferred typeface.

Lylo’s washing machine achieves a modern yet playful aesthetic and uses the brand pattern and icons to ease human interaction. Applied colour theory increases the users’ perceived cleanliness.

Lylo's Portable Washing Machine surrounded by dirty laundry.
Lylo's water collection mat on the floor of a shower.

Digital and physical collateral has allowed Lylo to reach a larger audience in the start-up space - through quirky pitch videos, social posts, blog articles and distinctive merchandise at networking events.

A laptop screen showing a homepage from the Lylo Products website.
A collection of social posts from the Lylo Products Instagram page - showing off products, features, news stories and more.
Lylo's branded business cards.
A black shirt with a blue Lylo tag, with the phrase: "Clean Clothes, Clean Conscience" printed on the back.