Lylo has designed a portable washing machine for students that uses filtered shower water to wash clothes. The device includes a removable water tank, which can be placed on the shower floor like a mat. Once the tank is returned to the base, the water is filtered and used in the laundry process. 




Lylo Products Limited 


Brand identity, Communication design


Co-founder, Brand manager 

An image of Lylo's portable washing machine in a student room.

Project Overview

A start-up designed to tackle the UK's water crisis.

England is set to run short of water within 25 years. The projected need for more water and the decreasing number of reserves means we must examine the current use more strategically.

Co-founded with Joanna Power.

Target Audience:

Students looking to find a cheaper, more convenient alternative to on-campus launderettes and single professionals with an active interest in being more sustainable.

The Problem

Water we doing wrong?

Showers are one of the largest water consumers, using up almost 25% of all household water. Young adults in university accommodations were the worst perpetrators, frequently showering and using over 190 litres of water every day.

Student Laundrettes

Research determined that laundry facilities were the worst part of being a student, noting that many people would reuse their shower water if it made laundry easier and more accessible.

An image of a student's bathroom.
An image of a dirty student laundrette.

The Solution

Clean clothes, clean conscience!

Lylo has designed a product which helps students wash their laundry more sustainably - the first washing machine to collect wasted shower water and utilize it within the laundry process.


Considerations were taken to evoke an emotive response from users. The product conveys a sense of cleanliness through its bright white and blue colour scheme.

A front orthographic view of Lylo's portable washing machine.
A plan orthographic view of Lylo's portable washing machine.

Water is collected in the removable tank, which can be placed on the shower floor like a mat. Once you have finished showering, you reattach the tank to the base. The machine filters the water and uses it to wash your clothes.

An image of Lylo's water collection mat in a shower.
An image of Lylo's mat being reattached to the base unit.
An image of Lylo's portable washing machine about to be filled.

Lylo has made considerable progress since its conception, having produced an aesthetic model and a separate working prototype capable of washing laundry.

An image of Joanna and Paramveer holding a model of Lylo's portable washing machine, at the Red Bull Basement 2020 final.
An image of Lylo's portable washing machine working prototype.
Pitch Video

The Brand

Together, we can make waves.

Lylo's visual identity draws directly from its 'grounded' and 'responsible' brand values while maintaining a 'playful' tone - in keeping with the student water efficiency market.


The vertical logotype is an individually strong graphical element but still functions well with the other brand assets. In addition, it is flexible and adaptable to any height, making it as dynamic as the products Lylo create.

Lylo's primary, vertical logo.
Lylo's secondary, horizontal logo.
An image detailing how Lylo's primary, vertical logo can be constructed.

Poppins was chosen for its Poppins its clean, geometric nature - reminiscent of early industrial typefaces - although its round, quirky shapes make for a more human feel.

A grid showing the typeface and styles used throughout the 'Lylo' branding.
Color Palette

Lylo's colours are chosen to feel bright, clean and energetic. They reflect the brand's guiding principles, with the dark grey being reminiscent of earth and the bright blue representing water.

A grid showing the primary and secondary colours used throughout the 'Lylo' branding.
Brand Assets

Graphic assets were designed to emphasise product features - Lylo's icons resemble the classic washing instructions found on clothing, and the signature wave pattern is insipred by the water filtration process.

An image showing Lylo Products' Portable Washing Machine and brand elements.
An image of Lylo's branded business cards.
Animated Logo

The secondary logo was animated to add a visual flare to video content.

An animation of the secondary, horizontal Lylo logo.

What's Next


Our development will continue working toward an MVP by the end of 2023, and we plan to begin manufacturing by 2024. So we're looking for investors, manufacturers and partners who are just as passionate about saving water as we are and want to help make our idea a reality.

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