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A recent study into the lives of people aged 18-24 found that those attending a university or college needlessly use an average of 180 litres of water a day. The most significant wastage was directly linked to student's shower habits - spending nearly an hour and a half in the shower, per week.

To solve this water issue, we have designed the Aqua X, a portable washing machine, for students, that uses filtered shower water to wash clothes. The device includes a removable water tank, which can be placed on the shower floor like a mat. Once the tank is returned to the base, the water is filtered and used in the laundry process.

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My contribution

Product design Graphic design Branding Marketing

The team

Paramveer Bhachu Joanna Power




With student water efficiency in mind, we ideated designs from plant watering tanks to self-replenishing shower systems, which led us to the idea of a mat that gathers water while showering. We modelled ways this mat/tank could attach to a portable washing machine and tested them to rank ergonomic use, whilst conducting FEA stress tests to improve the overall strength. To improve the product's manufacturability, we created a detailed CAD model, optimising the mechanical efficiency and giving us the final appearance of our product.

Further product development led me to design bespoke packaging, prioritising brand recognition and filter sustainability, while considering distribution methods. To aid in promoting the business, I created and currently uphold the company website and Instagram page - producing captivating and informative content to entice readers and attract media attention. Additional traction has been achieved by designing and producing roller banners and custom streetwear, facilitated by myself, to appeal to our target student demographic. My videography skills have been extremely valuable to this project, as expressed through the creation of product teaser and pitch videos. Articulating our idea within a limited timeframe was essential, supported by situational renders and humour to keep the viewers engaged.

By entering the 'Red Bull Basement' competition, we optimised the design for manufacture and produced a scale aesthetic model of the Aqua X, complete with spinning drum and removable filter.


Considerable progress has been made on the Aqua X since it's conception in April 2020, gaining various accolades for its originality and creativity. Awards including the 'Creative Innovator' award in the 'Hubbub: Design By Nature' competition, becoming the first UK winner of the 'Red Bull Basement' competition, and most recently becoming a recipient of the 'Green Concept Award: Nominee 2021' badge.

The Lava Aqua X has been my most ambitious project to date, with a more significant workload and a higher level of independence than previously required. It is the project with which I am most proud to have been involved.

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