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A project involving creating a subbrand and developing a food preparation product, in collaboration with Morphy Richards' parent company; Glen Dimplex.

The Homely Stir is a simple, mechanical whisk created for the modern home, designed for anyone who wants to cook, and allows children and their families to get together and have fun in the kitchen.

The internal mechanism enables it to be entirely operable with one hand, promoting inclusivity. Ingredients can be portioned using the printed measuring line, and the mixture can be heated using the Stir's handy induction cooking plate.

My contribution

Product design Manufacture Graphic design

The team




The first stage of the project involved the creation of the subbrand; Homely. I defined the brand and decided upon an overall image by generating the logo, palette and target market guidelines.

I began conducting research and ideating, with whisking identified as a common household issue (typically requiring two hands and a strong opposing force - not suitable for inclusivity). The designs involved creating a bespoke mechanism, with the chosen solution requiring a 'linear motion' to 'rotational motion' gear mechanism. Through continuous testing and refinement, I was able to finalise a design for the Stir and complete the button mechanism and induction plate development. Prototype drawings were created using Solidworks to ensure the quality and consistency of the manufacturing process.

Utilising the on-campus workshops, I produced a final prototype of the Stir, complete with a working mechanism. The Stir was tested and submitted alongside other the domestic kitchen appliances contained within the Homely subbrand.


The gear mechanism that I have designed for the project was one of the significant milestones, working on a system that would function early on and implement it well. In my final model, the mechanism performs almost flawlessly, with only a few reliability issues.

In the future, I would also like to explore the possibility of interchangeable components allowing for the use of different whisk heads and silicon recipe sleeves.

Overall, I am thrilled with my final solution. I have managed to create a product that functions well and has a great design. The Homely Stir is a product that I would buy, use and display in my own home.

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