The Salter Project

Salter is part of US-based HoMedics company who are leaders in personal wellness. Kitchen, bathroom and luggage scales make up their leading portfolio. Salter was looking for two new ‘hero’ products that would stand out from the crowd. One would be an electronic kitchen scale and the other an electronic bathroom scale.

I decided to design a kitchen scale. I started by conducting some initial research into Salter, their existing products and their design style. I then created some ideation sketches addressing both style and mechanism (e.g. water displacement). After a meeting with some representatives from Salter, I chose an idea and began to develop it into my final solution.

My kitchen scale is a modern take on the classic vintage Salter scale. It has a bowl and a plate so that both solid and liquid ingredients can be measured. The digital display can display the weight of the ingredients in the pot and on the plate both independently and combined, at the push of a button. Both the plate and the container are removable, and the original (mechanical) tilting mechanism still works to show which is heavier.
The moving parts on the kitchen scale are made from stainless steel, similar to the original Salter scales. The base is made from a high gloss plastic; this helps to add an accent colour (makes it personal) that can be changed to create an entire range.

© 2019 Paramveer Singh Bhachu

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