Puff Pak

Our team was given the task of designing a product that could reduce packaging waste. We started by looking into which products generated the most waste and decided that this was packing materials (e.g. bubble wrap and polystyrene). To combat this problem, we looked into products and materials that could be reused for the shipment of any products. Air provides a lot of protection (hence why it is used in so many packing products), so we decided to base our solution around this.

The concept is for a bag that can provide protection when transporting packages (the PuffPak). The product to be shipped is placed inside the inner pocket of the PuffPak and then sealed using the supplied clips. These clips are airtight and allow the bag to opened and resealed (increasing the lifespan - not single use). Use a bike pump to inflate the two chambers of the PuffPak, via the two air valves on either side of the bag. This creates a significant air cushion around the product, which will protect it from impacts (like an armband). The difference in pressure between the inner bag and the outer container is what keeps the product in place, safe and secure. The PuffPak needs to be inflated on both sides so that the air doesn’t shift chambers during compression.

The PuffPak can now be shipped, by sticking the address to the outside of the bag and then taking it to your nearest post office. The PuffPak is secured by a security sicker placed over the clips. Once the PuffPak has been delivered, the user can reuse it, or leave it for the postman to pick up (another sender will reuse the PuffPak).

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