The Jesmolite

Individually we were tasked with creating a lighting solution either for domestic or commercial purposes. I chose domestic due to the aesthetic and feature possibilities.

By following my way through the design process, I developed the Jesmolite, a small, cylindrical bedside table lamp made from Jesmonite. The cylindrical elements slot together and allow you to rotate each piece, to achieve the perfect scattering of light for your situation.

Jesmonite is a modern material that is available in two parts, it is quite similar to concrete and has a beautiful finish to it. The Jesmolite's outer appearance shows a terrazzo effect, which was achieved by mixing multi coloured Jesmonite chips into the mould during the casting process, and later sanding down the outer layer to reveal this effect.

This project challenged me into thinking more about the materials and manufacturing processes I use, as there were a few problems that I had to solve along the way. Overall, the project was a huge success, and I am incredibly proud of the outcome.

© 2019 Paramveer Singh Bhachu

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