The Fixperts project is a group task set to help members of the public that have problems completing everyday tasks.
Once a group is formed, they must find a client and, using existing products and materials, must create a solution.

Glenda sufferers from epilepsy, and often gets seizures. We found out that, while asleep, Glenda can have a fit by merely rolling onto her back. Paul (her carer) has to stay awake so that she does not injure herself, by making sure that she remains on her right side.
We came up with a couple of solutions that would keep Glenda on her side the whole night. It was essential that this product be comfortable and straightforward use.

After three nights of wearing the prototypes, I concluded that the armband vest was quite uncomfortable and even started to fall apart. The leg strap, however, performed flawlessly but did take some getting used to.
We decided to pass the leg strap on to Glenda, who reported that she got used to the position quickly and did not turn over once, but would like the final product to be a bit more comfortable.
In addition to this, we decided to develop a tilt alarm that would go off in the unlikely event that the leg strap failed.

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