Bees at Brunel

The Brunel Student Union was planning to launch a new student lead food enterprise and wanted creative Brunel students to design the logo and the label for their new honey brand.
Any ideas were welcome; however, there were a few constraints regarding the size of the label, and certain key phrases that had to appear, e.g. the brand name.
The winner would have their design printed and produced for public sale.

I began with the logo, one that would have to incorporate what the brand was about, while still being easily identifiable. I then took a look at possible thumbnails for the label design, before continuing with my ideation.

The ‘B@B’ brand that I have created takes honey in a new direction. Honey doesn’t have to be boring and straightforward; it can be fun and colourful. Sticking with the theme of summer my labels include bright and vivid colours that will catch the buyer’s attention, and make the product stand out.

© 2019 Paramveer Singh Bhachu

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