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Wow Craft is a children's toy brand that creates a range of kits and digital tools to help kids make, play, code and invent using technology. Wow Craft is on a mission to spark the creative imagination of kids, with the belief that every child in the world should have the opportunity to shape and invent it.

I was responsible for establishing the brand's system around a chosen product that was redesigned and represented by the new identity. A model jet engine was decided upon due to its complex geometry and marketing potential.

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The Wow Craft brand identity focuses on its striking colour palette, designed to catch a child's attention and promote fun. This is coupled with the brand's wordmark, created using geometric shapes and subtractions that give the logo an unpolished appearance - emphasising Wow Craft's values of imperfection and needing to be built upon. The brand's primary yellow colour is used in direct contrast to dark backgrounds and stimulates a sense of warmth and happiness.

With a focus on promoting play through technology, it is crucial to see how the brand is represented in these mediums. Eye-catching imagery is used along with kinetic typography to hold the viewer's attention and convey important information quickly. In addition, the jet engine's companion app utilises the palette to simplify identification and navigation around the interface.


Wow Craft was a concept brand created in 2019. I have since revisited the project to improve and develop my skills in various areas, including product rendering within Keyshot, motion graphics in Adobe After Effects and UX/UI app design within Figma.

Given a chance, I would appreciate the opportunity to refine the Wow Craft brand into something less experiential and geared more toward a specific company or client, opening up the possibility of seeing Wow Craft in a real-world situation.

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