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England is set to run short of water within 25 years. The projected need for more water and the decreasing amount of water reserves means we must examine the current use of water more strategically.

Lylo has designed a portable washing machine for students that uses filtered shower water to wash clothes. The device includes a removable water tank, which can be placed on the shower floor like a mat. Once the tank is returned to the base, the water is filtered and used in the laundry process.

Whilst a part of the company, I was responsible for establishing the brand and creating its assets, guidelines and marketing materials.

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My contribution

Brand Identity Brand Systems Tone of Voice Copywriting Art Direction Packaging Product Design User Testing

The team




Lylo's visual identity draws directly from its 'grounded' and 'responsible' brand values while maintaining a 'playful' tone - in keeping with the student water efficiency market.

The vertical logotype is designed to be a strong enough graphical element in and of itself but still function well with the other brand assets. In addition, it is flexible and adaptable to any height, making it as dynamic as the products Lylo create.

Lylo's colours are chosen to feel bright, clean and energetic. They reflect the brand's guiding principles, with the dark grey being reminiscent of earth and the bright blue representing water.

Graphic assets were designed to emphasise a product's features and can be used as an effective way to convey additional information at a glance. For example, Lylo's icons are designed to resemble the classic washing instructions found on clothing, and the water filtration process inspires the signature wave pattern.


Lylo has been making considerable progress since its conception in April 2020, gaining various accolades for its originality and creativity. Awards including the 'Creative Innovator' award in the 'Hubbub: Design By Nature' competition, becoming the first UK winner of the 'Red Bull Basement' competition, being a recipient of the 'Green Concept Award: Nominee 2021' badge, and most recently having been featured in a Forbes article.

Lylo has been my most ambitious project to date, with a more significant workload and a higher level of independence than previously required. Yet, it is the project with which I am most proud to have been involved.

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