The Jesmolite

A domestic lighting project, chosen to improve my aesthetic design and manufacturing skills. The Jesmolite is a small, cylindrical bedside table lamp made from Jesmonite. The individual elements slot together, allowing the user to rotate each piece, and achieve the perfect scattering of light for their situation.




University Project


Product design, Manufacture



The first stage of the project involved primary research - exploring existing market lighting solutions by visiting the London Design Festival. Ideation began, and an early decision was made regarding the overall aesthetics of the product: to be playful and vivid, while embodying the raw, geometric appearance of brutalism. To achieve this effect, I chose to use the new-material: Jesmonite. This two-part solution hardens to achieve acrylic-like qualities (a common material choice for obtaining the terrazzo effect).

I created card models to test the scattering of light from my solution. It was important that the emitted light not be too-harsh as my product is intended for use in a bedroom's ambient setting. Once a final design was decided upon, I utilised the on-campus workshops to produce a final prototype - this involved creating two custom moulds in which the liquid Jesmonite was poured into, and use of the lathe, sanding and polishing facilities to reveal the final terrazzo effect.

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